Applied Space Science and Technology

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Space technology is an area that is constantly developing as engineers and scientists search for cheaper, more efficient ways of placing satellites in orbit, visiting other planets and carrying experiments into space to find out more about Earth and our Solar System.

However, technology is not just about access to space, it also supports European industry, creates employment and benefits daily life. Spin-offs from European space technology are being used in many different fields including health care, fire protection, environmentally friendly housing and racing cars.

Cooperation with Russia

Being a pioneer in space exploration, Russia has developed a significant number of space technologies over the past 50 years. After contacts with the west were broadened, many of the unique technologies developed by Russian scientists and industry became better known to European industry.

Russian expertise in the fields of human space exploration, launcher design, advanced propulsion systems, aerothermodynamics and the behaviour of large space structures is giving a tremendous impetus to the development of future technologies in Europe.

Effective guidance of technological cooperation is provided today via the EU-Russia Dialogue on Space, where space technology development is defined as a priority. The selection of pilot cases for cooperation in applied space technology for implementation from 2009 onwards has been finalised and a cooperation mechanism is established.

Last update: 12 May 2009

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