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ESA BR-300 ELIPS: Research in space for the future

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This brochure gives an overview of the wide range of research the European Space Agency is performing under the unique conditions found in space.
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The cornerstone is the International Space Station and its European Columbus laboratory, but several other mission platforms are also available. The areas of scientific interest are many and diverse: from fundamental physics to human physiology, from new alloys to plant roots.

ELIPS – European Programme for LIfe and Physical Sciences in Space – is ESA’s research programme for science and applications in microgravity, helping to improve our life on Earth and enable humankind’s long-term presence in space. The examples presented here are all part of ELIPS. However, with a programme that involves some 1500 scientists in hundreds of experiments, as well as a large and diverse group of industrial research and development users, only a small but representative sample of the whole portfolio can be presented.