ESA SP-1303 EGNOS: A Cornerstone of Galileo

Europe’s space capability and to ensure that investment in space continues to deliver maximum benefit to the citizens of Europe. The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) is yet another European success story of cooperation in space science and technology.
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In line with the ESA practice of “Shape and Share,” the Agency is proud to have shaped, together with the European Industry, the EGNOS technology and to share it now with the GNSS user community. EGNOS is the main European contribution to GNSS-1 to serve the needs of maritime, land transport, time and aeronautical applications in the European and neighbouring regions. EGNOS is the first-generation European GNSS System, and a first step towards Galileo, the second generation, based upon an independent European navigation-satellite constellation.

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