ESA Bulletin 126 (May 2006)

At 09:17 CEST on 11 April 2006, the Venus Express spacecraft fired its main engine to enter orbit around Earth’s sister planet, making ESA the first space agency to have vehicles orbiting the Moon, Mars and Venus at the same time.
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ESA at Venus!

The Aurora Programme
– Europe’s Framework for Space Exploration
Piero Messina et al.

– Searching for Life on the Red Planet
Jorge Vago et al.

10 Years of Soho
Bernhard Fleck et al.

The International Space University
Roger Elaerts & Walter Peeters

Monitoring Marine Life from Space
– Envisat Experience in Chile
Cristina Rodriguez et al.

Sounding the Atmosphere
– Ground Support for GNSS Radio-Occultation Processing
René Zandbergen & John M. Dow

Making European Industry More Competitive
Michael Jones & Nestor Peccia

Fit for a PRINCE
– The Network of European Centres on Project Reviews
Jacques Candé

A Step Forward in ESA Budgeting
Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon & François Petitjean

Introducing Competency Management at ESA
Paolo Donzelli et al.

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