2nd Envisat Summer School


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Education, training and capacity building are a key part of ESA's mandate and cooperation with institutions of Member States and international organisations in these domains has a long successful record.

For Earth Observation this is particularly important as it enables potential users to learn more about the capabilities and uses of Earth Observation data, and how to implement applications and interpret satellite imagery.

ESRIN is the centre of the Earth Observation Directorate’s education efforts and hosts regular training courses, summer schools and educational presentations. Often these are held in partnership with national space agencies or the UN, with the goal of implementing a 'train the trainers' strategy.

Young nationals from ESA Member States and cooperating countries with the required qualifications can also apply to become young graduate trainees with a one-year placement in the Earth Observation Directorate.

ESRIN also hosts the Eduspace website, routinely used by thousands of schools, some universities and institutions across Europe and the world. Developed by ESA under the umbrella of Eurisy, an association to promote education and information activities on space technology and its applications, the site contains information about many areas of Earth observation and the environment.

Free image processing software downloads and access to a large databank of satellite images acquired around the world are available online as well as tutorials to teach the rudiments of Earth observation from space. Links: http://www.esa.int/esaEO/SEM1892VQUD_index_0.html http://www.eduspace.esa.int/

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