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Integrated Applications

Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)

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The IAP ARTES 20 programme is dedicated to the development, implementation and pilot operation of integrated applications. These are innovative, user-driven and sustainable applications and commercial services of space systems that combine different types of satellites, such as telecommunications, Earth observation and navigation.

Integrated Application projects offer solutions to problems that range from improving and securing transport systems to developing emergency and disaster management systems.

The programme responds to users' needs, addressing a number of themes. The initial themes addressed in the programme are:

  • Space for Health
  • Space for Safety
  • Space for Development
  • Space for Energy
  • Space for Transport

A growing network of ‘IAP Ambassadors’ is persuading new users from many different sectors that sustainable space-based services can help meet their needs.

Proposal to the Ministerial Council

The extension of the programme for a period of four years will be proposed to Council, with the objective of achieving an annual throughput of 21 feasibility studies and 18 demonstration projects leading up to 5 sustainable services per year.

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