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Invitations to Tender

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It is essential that Member States, industries and ESA’s business partners can rest assured that the information they provide to ESA will be safeguarded to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

This is why everyone who works at ESA, whether as a staff member or as a contractor, is bound by a legal obligation to safeguard all information, whether in paper or electronic format, whose disclosure could compromise or damage the Agency or any entity working with ESA. In addition, anyone at ESA requiring access to highly sensitive information of a classified nature, is required to be security cleared by their national security authority.

Information related to Invitations to Tender (ITTs) or Tender Evaluation Boards, whether unclassified or classified, is always of a sensitive nature and it is ESA's responsibility to ensure it is safeguarded. This is why ESA’s Security Office has put in place the appropriate layers of protection for the information being held.

Classified ITTs

To safeguard information related to a Classified ITT, ESA’s Security Regulations specify that no-one can generate, handle, manage or store information related to a classified ITT unless they have obtained permission from ESA’s Security Office, put the necessary security measures in place and ensured that, depending the level of classification, the concerned personnel have been appropriately security cleared.

Only companies from ESA Member States that have signed and ratified the ESA Security Agreement can participate in a Classified ITT, unless the ESA Security Committee and the ESA Council decide otherwise when establishing an ESA Programme.

Doing business with ESA

For information on doing business with ESA please check the "Business with ESA" website.

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