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Sentinel-1’s radar can operate in four modes: Interferometric Wide Swath (IW), Extra Wide Swath (EW), Wave (WV) and Stripmap (SM).

These modes can be operated in several polarisation schemes. The Wave mode features single polarisation (VV or HH). For all other modes, a dual polarisation scheme is available (VV+VH or HH+HV) as well as single polarisation (HH or VV).

Each mode can potentially produce products at:

Level-0: Compressed and unfocused raw data. Level-0 products are the basis from which all other high-level products are produced, with a typical size of 1GB (in IW mode).

Level-1 Single Look Complex: Focused data, geo-referenced using orbit and attitude data from the satellite, and provided in slant-range geometry. These products have a typical size of 8GB (in IW mode dual-polarisation) and 4 GB (in IW mode single polarisation).

Level-1 Ground Range Detected: focused data that has been detected, multi-looked and projected to ground range using an Earth ellipsoid model. Typical product size is 1GB (in IW mode).

Level-2: Systematically distributed ocean products for wind, wave and currents applications.

For processing tools, data product readers and writers and a display and analysis application to support the large archive of data from the Sentinel-1 and other radar missions, users can access the Sentinel-1 Toolbox.

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