Ozone Hole extension on 12 October 2000

GOME-1 heritage

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This page offers a collection of links to GOME related sites of participating organisations.

The image shows the Ozone hole extension above the Antarctic continent on 12 October 2000 as observed by the GOME instrument (courtesy of KNMI).

ESA/ESRIN ESA News on GOME and information on instrument design, performance and data can be found here. Credit: ESA/ESRIN European Space Research Institute
ESA/ESRIN Earth Observation Quaterly 58. A special edition on GOME.
DFD/DLR Introduction to the GOME Data Processor. Information about data product access, instrument degradation and Near Real Time Products. Credit: DFD Atmos User Center.
DFD/DLR Near Real Time Global Ozone Network data from GOME offering Ozone Total column, Ozone Profile, NO2, clouds and radiances
Bremen: GOME GOME homepage provided by the Institute of the GOME Lead Scientist includes data archives and results of Near Real Time campaings.
Bremen: near real time products Homepage of the actual GOME Near Real Time campaign (2002).
KNMI Homepage of the GOME Fast Delivery Service provided by the Dutch Meteorological Institute in the framework of ESA DATA user Programme.
Heidelberg University GOME Homepage of the Institute for Environmental Physics of the University Heidelberg includes data about BrO, OClO, NO2 and SO2.
SRON GOME Homepage of SRON.