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Workshop on "A European perspective on Disaster Management"

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ESA Press Release N°10-2001
The European Space Agency and the European Commission’s Information Society Directorate-General are jointly organising a workshop on "A European Perspective on Disaster Management" at ESA’s ESRIN establishment in Frascati, Italy, from 27 February to 1 March.

The workshop will present ongoing ESA and European Union projects related to management of disasters, caused by flood and fire in particular. It will introduce ESA’s Data User Programme (DUP) and EU-funded projects, discussing the user’s viewpoint in the context of the Cliff (CLuster Initiative for Flood and Fire Emergencies) and Formidable (Friendly Operational Risk Management through Interoperable Decision Aid Based on Local Environment) initiatives.

The aim is to stimulate direct interaction and exchange of information between operational and scientific user communities and development and service industries on topics such as methodologies, systems, user needs, information handling and services, focusing mainly on flood and fire cases.

About 100 participants from European civil protection entities, user communities, space agencies and service industries will be attending.

A poster session and a presentation of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters are included in the programme.

In parallel with the workshop, a meeting of the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) working group on disaster management is being organised at ESRIN.

The workshop starts at 09h00 on 27 February. It is open to the press, see the press release for more details.

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