Affiliation Procedure for Student Organisations

Why affiliate?

The aim of the affiliation programme is to increase the opportunities for students to become involved in exciting space projects. Affiliation between ESA and student organisations is mutually beneficial: it offers ESA a useful means to contact and motivate students in Europe, whereas affiliated organisations gain access to expert advice and financial support for their activities.

Who can affiliate?

The programme is open to non-political and non-profit student organisations with an interest in space-related activities. To be eligible, the organisation must be represented throughout Europe and be based in an ESA Member State or Cooperating State*.

What will be expected of the affiliated organisations?

The affiliated organisations are expected to promote ESA’s education activities to their members. This may include: distributing posters and flyers containing information on new and current projects, advertising the activities in their journal and/or website, inserting a link to the ESA Education Portal on their website and providing ESA with feedback from students.

The associations shall acknowledge ESA in general in their public presentations, website, reports, etc. Finally, it is expected that the associations deliver to ESA Education accurate accountancy reports at the end of the year.

How to affiliate?

To apply for affiliation, student organisations should write a letter to the ESA Education Office. It should clearly express their interest and motivation, specify in which countries the organisation is represented, comprehensively describe their current activities and give an overview of future development and activities. A copy of the statute and registration of the organisation should be attached to the letter.

When assessing the application, ESA will take into account various elements, such as:

  • the extent to which the activities of the organisation are linked to the space domain;
  • the European and international nature of the organisation and of its activities;
  • the number of European countries where the organisation is represented and active, as well as the number of their members;
  • the previous activities and their rate of success.

In order to facilitate the assessment, applicant organisations are invited to provide any useful element that may serve as evidence for the above criteria. The student organisation will be informed within six weeks of receipt of the letter, whether or not it will be accepted for affiliation.

Selected organisations will be provided with an official affiliation agreement, valid for one year and signed by both parties.

Supported Associations

ESA Education is currently supporting the following association:

For more details, or for an application, please contact ESA's Education Office.


ESA Member States in 2012
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