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Around the World in 80 Images

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Subject: geography, language & literature, art, history, foreign languages
Level: lower secondary
Language: English
Type: support materials
Format: CD-Rom

In 1873, French author Jules Verne astounded readers with his tale of adventurer Phileas Fogg by travelling Around the World in 80 Days. Today European environmental satellite Envisat routinely makes the same trip every 100 minutes. "Around the World in 80 Images", brings together these two journeys separated by 13 decades of time.


Designed for the general public, the CD-ROM interweaves the route and descriptions of Fogg's journey with some of the spectacular satellite images provided by Envisat.

As well as tracing this fictional odyssey, the CD-ROM also lets users choose their own routes across the globe to see places Fogg never made it to, including the Canadian Arctic, the coast of West Africa and the Amazonian rainforest, as seen from orbit by the ESA satellite. Alternatively images can be viewed by country, together with detailed information on the full range of Envisat's unique observation capabilities.

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