Astro Pi classroom resources

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Here below teams will find inspirational resources to explore different science subjects with Astro Pi using space-related topics.

  • Collection of teacher guides and resources for primary and secondary schools that explore the Astro Pi and present examples on how to use the Astro Pi in the classroom. This collection was designed to support the UK Astro Pi competition 2015-2016.  By the ESERO UK/ STEM Learning Centre.
  • Collection of lessons that will help upper primary and secondary school students to learn about life conditions on board the ISS and to explore the environment aboard the ISS. Students will understand the basic modular structure of the ISS and how reflective surfaces and insulation can help to control the temperature on the ISS. Students will also learn about the vacuum of space and how the ISS needs to be pressurised to prevent loss of air, as well as analyse the effect of human activity on the humidity in an enclosed environment. Students will use the accelerometer to measure the force applied to the Sense HAT and to learn about the micro-gravity environment. By the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Additional inspiration can be found in the teaching resources available at this link, consisting of a set of 8 activities in which students will investigate various concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, using a Raspberry Pi and a Sense HAT. By the Raspberry Pi Foundation.