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Astronomy exercises

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Quick Facts

Subjects: physics & chemistry, mathematics
Level: upper secondary
Languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands
Type: teaching materials
Format: website with exercises in PDF

Astronomy is an accessible and visual science, making it ideal for educational purposes. Hubble and the ESO telescopes have not just provided stunning new images, they are also invaluable tools for astronomers. The telescopes have excellent spatial/angular resolution (image sharpness) and allow astronomers to peer further out into the Universe than ever before and answer longstanding unsolved questions.

The website

The website presents a series of exercises in PDF format that has been produced by ESA and ESO.

The object of the series is to present various small projects that will pass on some of the excitement and satisfaction in scientific discovery to the students. Using elementary geometrical and physical considerations, the students will be able to derive answers that are comparable with the results of much more sophisticated analyses described in the scientific literature.

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