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Meet the team: g-Rosetta

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Teacher: Gerardis Ioannis 
Team members: Chelioti Evangelia, Kastrati Angelos, Kehriotis Kostas, Mavrogeniadis Nikos, Michalatos Lefteris, Nifora Eirini,  Sideris Nikos, Taleporos Antonis, Tesmeli Dionisia, Tsakoulis Thanasis 
School: 1st School Laboratory Center of C Athens and 1st Vocational School of Agii Anargiri, Athens 
Country: Grecee
Team logo
Team logo

Description of the Cansat secondary mission:

g-Rosetta CanSat's secondary mission consists from meter acceleration of gravity (g) with a capsule free-fall, that transmit in real-time the acceleration to the cansat (like the Rosetta space ship has release its lander Philae) and the CanSat retransmit the obtained data to the ground station. 

The basic scientific objective is metering the air resistance of a spherical object with use of the measurement of the acceleration. The team has choose a spherical object, so they can have an easy mathematical model for their physics computations. 

Read the team's interview.

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