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Read all about the new ESA CanSat classroom resources!

13/12/2018 1568 views 8 likes
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ESA Education is pleased to announce that a set of CanSat-related classroom resources have just been published in our website! A total of 4 resources have been produced, in collaboration with ESERO, in order to better support student teams and teachers from Secondary Schools (14-20 years old) participating in the European CanSat Competition.

The collection includes:

Each resource contains a teacher guide and accompanying student worksheets. Students can explore technology used in Space through the Arduino tool, become familiar with the main components of a CanSat for completing the Primary Mission, and understand how radio waves are used to transmit information for both everyday devices and a CanSat. Students will also learn how to design the parachute for their CanSat and how the basic laws of Physics apply during a CanSat’s descent.

These resources belong to the Teach with Space collection; a set of innovative curricular classroom resource that use Space as the entry point to run STEM lessons during school hours.

To find out more about the European CanSat Competition, check out the dedicated website and Facebook page. For any questions about the competition or if you have some feedback about the CanSat Classroom resources, you can contact the ESA CanSat team at