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Since ESA was created, more than 50 years ago, one of its most important tasks has been to inform the public about the latest advances and discoveries in the space field, and to develop programmes that will inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

ESA's Education Office is responsible for the Agency’s corporate education programme bringing together young people from many different nations.
The aim is to help young Europeans, aged from 6 to 28, to gain and maintain an interest in science and technology, with the long-term objectives of contributing towards the creation of a knowledge-based society and ensuring the existence of a qualified workforce for the Agency that will ensure Europe’s continued leadership in space activities.

This is achieved by organising various activities designed for specific age groups, keeping the educational community informed about these developments, and providing inspirational materials that assist teachers and students with the learning process.

Today, ESA's Education Office is responsible for numerous activities that can be broadly subdivided into the following categories:

1. Hands-on projects
These include the full participation of students in all aspects of programmes to design and develop small satellites and experiments that can be flown on various microgravity platforms, such as balloons, sounding rockets, parabolic flights and CubeSats. These often include project-related workshops and training by experts.

2. Support to teachers
In recent years, ESA has been supporting the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project, which envisages the establishment of contact / resource centres which are manned by education experts and integrated into national educational systems and networks. A variety of educational materials has also been developed for students of various ages.

3. International cooperation activities
Under the auspices of the International Space Education Board (ISEB), ESA runs joint activities such as the Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations (GENSO) project and supports student participation in international activities such as the NASA Academy.

4. Opportunities for students
ESA's Education Office supports student participation in conferences and workshops, including the annual meetings of COSPAR and the International Astronautical Congress.

5. Outreach initiatives
Our educational outreach activities form the bridge between our projects and students and teachers.
These activities include the production of this website and the ESA Kids website, where you can find information for young people on all ESA activities, as well as some activities organised by ESA’s external partners.

If you want to contact ESA's Education Office, please send an e-mail to: education @