GENSO teams

The project teams are under the management of the ESA Education Office. The majority of participants are students; however the project is also supported by radio amateurs and an industrial contractor.

Software system development teams

G-SYS: System Engineering
Responsible for leadership of the software development.This includes: identifying stakeholders’ requirements; defining, developing and controlling all interface specifications; coordinating functional testing plans and progression; and taking project-level technical decisions.
Assigned under contract to: Vega Group PLC.

The following teams are coordinated by G-SYS:

A-ICW: Hardware Interface and Local Control (Windows)
Responsible for design, development and implementation of the Hardware Interface and Local Control modules of the Ground Station Server, for Microsoft Windows. Also responsible for developing the interface between GENSO and the Japanese Ground Station Network (GSN) via the Ground Station Remote Operation Web Service (GROWS).
Assigned to: University of Tokyo, Japan.

C-GMA: Ground Station and Mission Applications
Responsible for design, development and implementation of the core applications:

  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Ground Station Server (GSS)
  • Mission Control Client (MCC)

Assigned to: Aalborg University, Denmark.

E-AUS: Authentication Server
Responsible for design, development and implementation of the Authentication Servers and the Network Interfaces.
Assigned to: TU Vienna, Austria.

N-UAI: User Admin Interfaces
Responsible for design and development of interfaces for the administration of end users and the end user database. Finished interfaces will be handed over to H-INF for operation and maintainance.
-- Currently unassigned --

O-DAD: Drivers and Development
Responsible for the coordinated development of a library of appropriate device drivers and operation of the development ground station at ESTEC.
Assigned to: AMSAT-UK / ESA radio amateurs.

J-REV: Review and Verification
Responsible for planning, organisation and implementation of project reviews and design and product verification.
Assigned to: CalPoly, USA.

P-PMS: Performance Modelling and Simulation
Responsible for performance analysis, modelling and simulation of GENSO functions prior to software releases.
-- Currently unassigned --

Other development teams

M-MAN: Project Management
Responsible for the overall project management. This includes: planning; identifying, recruiting, and coordinating network participants; financial support of teams and activities; interfacing with ISEB; and organisation of workshops.
Assigned to: ESA Education Office.

The following teams are coordinated by M-MAN:

H-INF: Project Infrastructure (servers and services)
Responsible for design, implementation and maintenance of appropriate infrastructure to support the project, including IRC, NNTP, FTP and HTTP servers. Also responsible for operation and maintenance of all interfaces with end users of the system.
Assigned under contract to: FH Technikum Vienna, Austria.

K-COM: Communication
Responsible for design and content of the project website, graphical identity of project and interfacing with the general public and media. .
-- Currently unassigned --

L-LMA: Legal Matters and Agreements
Responsible for investigating relevant legal issues and developing user agreements.
Assigned to: University Jean Monnet, Paris XI, France.

F-HDW: Ground Station Hardware
Responsible for description of the functionality necessary for a GENSO ground station, making recommendations for hardware design and providing advice for the set up of various ground stations in support of the network.
Assigned to: AMSAT-UK, UK.

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