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Herschel and Planck in the classroom

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Subjects: physics & mathematics
Level: lower secondary, upper secondary
Language: Deutsch, English
Type: teaching materials
Format: downloadable PDFs

To mark the launch of the Herschel and Planck space observatories, ESA has participated in the production of a wide-ranging series of educational materials related to these two missions. These materials were originally disseminated to German teachers through a collaboration with the German “Wissenschaft in die Schulen!” (WiS! - Science into Schools!) project and the “Sterne und Weltraum” magazine.

The teaching materials include articles written by scientists involved in the missions, as well as didactical material written by educational experts in the field. The materials cover various mission-related topics such as orbits, Lagrange points, the Big Bang and electromagnetic radiation. There are also three educational videos available with English and German subtitles.

The ice-cold giant eye
Das eiskalte Riesenauge
The Herschel space telescope prior to launch
Das Weltraumteleskop Herschel
The Planck Mission, Advancing into new dimensions of observed cosmology
Die Planck-Mission, Vorstoß in neue Dimensionen der beobachtenden Kosmologie
The orbits of the space telescopes Herschel and Planck
Die Bahnen der Weltraumteleskope
Herschel und Planck

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