International Space University ISU

From the very creation of the ISU in 1987, ESA has expressed an active interest in and support towards the activities of the International Space University. These activities include the ISU Master Programs, the ISU Space Studies Program (SSP) and other educational/training activities run by ISU.

This interest is based on a number of factors. They contribute individually and in combination to the benefit ISU offers to the European space community in general and ESA in particular:

- the interdisciplinary and intercultural training of young European professionals in the broad field of space activities;

- the opportunity for dialogue, leading to the identification/definition of important space activities;

- the creation of a dynamic network of space professionals in which European professionals play an important role, thus promoting the European space capabilities.

ESA’s support has been provided both in the form of an annual contribution to the ISU as in several ESA experts delivering lectures in the programs. This contribution entitles ESA to cover the scholarships for several students from its Member States and Canada. Furthermore, ESA benefits from the studies performed in the various programmes, not only by receiving the associated reports but also by contributing to the identification of the orientation and topics of these studies.

More information on the ISU Master Programs (MMS) and the ISU Space Studies Program (SSP) can be found on the ISU web site.

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