Michèle Babini
- Research scientist

"A nature lover with a major interest in geography, the beauty of aerial and earth observation satellite images fascinate me"

Michèle finds it exciting to observe the earth from above and to use what she sees in practical and meaningful work as part of a good team. She is still a student at Zurich University studying GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and remote sensing.

Since 2000 she has worked part time for a Swiss international engineering, planning and consultancy company involved in civil engineering, infrastructure, transport, energy, environment and safety. The use of satellite images combined with aerial photographs, terrain digital elevation models and other types of data is common to most of the company’s projects.

Michèle has developed 3D models of national parks and an atlas showing river flooding risks of the Mosel river flooding. Other projects include the creation of a panoramic map of a nature reserve in Luxembourg, aircraft noise in Luxembourg, a web-based monitoring system for agreements on energy and CO2 targets. Meanwhile she continues to write her thesis on cataloguing satellite images on the internet.

In her work, Michèle has succeeded in combining her interest in nature, environmental issues, geography and information technology. She is president of an association for the preservation of nature. She advises others interested in working in this wide and still widening field to do as she did: Concentrate on geography and IT and above all, acquire practical experience while continuing to study.

Name Michèle Babini
Nationality Swiss
Age 27
Profession Geographer and IT project collaborator
Place of work Ernst Basler & Partners Ltd
Education Geography student
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