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Mission to Brighton

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Subjects: geography, language & literature, art, history, foreign languages
Level: lower secondary
Languages: English
Type: support materials
Format: CD-Rom

Based on a major event in space exploration: The landing of the Huygens probe on Titan, a moon of Saturn, the BBC, together with Britain’s Open University, have developped a web site where pupils can check their skills as scientists landing a probe on the surface of a planet.


You can learn all about how scientists use the tiniest glimpse of data to work out a picture of a planet - and how easy it is to get it wrong. The site also gives you a "probe-eye view" of the Huygens probe as it sits on a planetary surface. Once you have learnt about the instrumentation and science behind the recent Cassini-Huygens mission, you can then have a go at your very own scientific mission!

Mission to Brighton gives you a chance to be the scientist. By checking the readings from the instruments you can find out more about the surface properties, topography and movement of the probe once it has landed and this should help you to find out exactly where the spacecraft has landed.

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