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Submissions open for Moon Camp Discovery

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Registrations are now open to join the Moon Camp Discovery, the beginners level of the Moon Camp Challenge. Become a space engineer and take part in the future of Moon exploration by designing one component of a Moon base. The teams can submit their Moon Camp Discovery project until 25th March 2020.

The Moon Camp Challenge is an interdisciplinary school project that invites students, aged up to 18, to team up and 3D design their own base on the Moon.  

In Moon Camp Discovery each team’s mission is to 3D design one component of a Moon Camp using Tinkercad. Teams can choose to design the:

– Lunar lander

– Astronauts quarters

– Lunar rover

The project allows students to use exciting and innovative learning technologies, such as 3D modelling, to explore the extreme environment of the Moon and to better understand how environment affects habitability. 

To take their mission further teams can design their complete Moon Camp and join Moon Camp Explorers or Moon Camp Pioneers to win prizes.

For more information and full participation details, please visit

Moon Camp is an education project run in collaboration between ESA and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk.

For questions regarding the project, please email