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With the Orbit Your Thesis! 2020 call now open, it is time to take stock of what is happening with the first Orbit Your Thesis experiment: Artery In Microgravity.

The project development continues and the final deadlines are looming around the corner. The sub-systems from the scientific, electronics and mechanics teams are being finalised in order to proceed to the manufacturing and the necessary tests before sending the experiment into orbit.

The Artery In Microgravity experiment focuses on the study of a coronary artery and the effect of implantable devices on blood behaviour, under microgravity conditions and with radiation effects. A 2U Experiment Cube hosting the “artificial heart” cured with a medical stent is targeted for launch to the ISS in May 2020.

Part of the team at the 3rd Symposium on SSEA
Part of the team at the 3rd Symposium on SSEA

While the project has been moving on, the team faced changes due to the graduation of some team members. Amina Bakkali and Blanca Dalfó joined the team as part of their research project. The project was presented at the 3rd Symposium on Space Educational Activities (SSEA) in Leicester, September 2019 and was awarded a commendation for the oral presentation.

Furthermore, the team had the opportunity to attend the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington D.C to present the Artery In Microgravity project. The congress hosted more than 6500 people and offered a rich programme of plenaries, highlight lectures, technical lectures, as well as many social events. It was an amazing week to discuss the advancement and progress of space. In memory of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, this year's logo was "The Power Of The Past, The Promise Of The Future",  focusing on the importance of international union for a better development of space exploration. The team was glad and honoured to present the project in such an important congress, and to interact and share the experience with peers. 

AIM was represented at IAC
AIM was represented at IAC

Besides this external outreach, a conference was held at ISAE-SUPAERO to present the new ICE Cubes Club of the university, in partnership with Space Application Services.

Students shared their ideas on new experiments and some of them joined the AIM project.

The vibration tests at the ESA facilities in ESEC, Redu, noise tests, EMC tests, interface tests, and more will allow a final assessment on the readiness of the experiment and the potential changes required. The final hardware delivery in February 2020 will be another step closer to the launch of the Cube to the ISS.

This competition made the team dream higher, work harder to prove a phenomenon that can impact the life of people aspiring to become astronauts. According to its experience, the team strongly encourages students to apply. Who knows, in one year from now it may be your team giving the latest news on your project to prepare OYT 2020? Good Luck!

Presentation of the ICE Cubes Club
Presentation of the ICE Cubes Club