Project timeline

The project has been running for two years and a proof of concept has been demonstrated. A review and consolidation of requirements and software design is underway and advanced development will soon begin.
The software will be developed according to an evolutionary model with overlapping lifecycle phases and incremental releases. The operational system is due for release to the public in September 2010.


Jan-Jun 2007
Preliminary Design and Development Phase
Jul 2007
Preliminary Design Review
Jul-Nov 2007
Preliminary Implementation
Dec 2007-Aug 2008
Core Development and Alpha Testing
Sep 2008-Mar 2009
Consolidation of requirements and software design
Dec 2008-Nov 2009
Advanced Development and Beta Testing
Dec 2009
Critical Design Review
Jan-Mar 2010
Preparation for Network Deployment
Apr 2010
First software release (to limited user group)
Apr-Jul 2010
Enhanced Development and Testing
Aug 2010
Second software release (under public license)
Sep 2010 on
Operational network and ongoing open source development

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