ESA title
SSETI Express

Technical facts

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ESA / Education / SSETI Express
Dimensions 560 x 560 x 900 (maximum envelope)
Mass 62 kg
Mass of payload 24 kg
Expected lifetime Minimum 2 months, extended mission until end of life
Attitude Determination System Sun-sensors and magnetometer
Attitude Control System Semi-passive magnetic stabilisation, plus a cold-gas payload
On-board Data Transfer CAN. RS232
437.250 MHz, 9.6 kb/s, AX 25
2401.84 MHz, 38.4 kb/s, AX25
- Average
Body mounted solar panels
12 W
20 W
Batteries Li Ion, 90 Wh
Propulsion 6l, 300 bar, Nitrogen cold gas
Camera ~100m/pixel, 1280*1024 pixels, CMOS
Power Bes 28V regulated
Thermal Control Passive

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