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Method, device and system for compressing time series data

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576 - Abstract:
The European Space Agency (ESA) has developed a method, device and apparatus for compressing time series data. This technology can be used in transport, power management, communications and other industries with remotely controlled systems to perform data analysis of housekeeping telemetric data with a reduced CPU and bandwith usage. Licence agreement collaboration is sought.

Description of the offer:

The present offer relates to a method capable of compressing telemetry time series data in near real-time while requiring less processing power and achieving a higher compression ratio than the existing technologies.

It provides a lossless method of comprising time series data packets as they are generated in near real-time. The data packets are compressed individually rather than having to wait for a critical number of packets to be grouped together. This method relies on a statistical analysis of historical measurement data of the measurement system to determine the predictability of each bit of a data packet generated. For each packet type this information is then used to rank the bits starting from the most predictable bit and ending with the least predictable bit.

Innovations and advantages of the offer:

A lossless compression based on statistical properties for housekeeping data brings major benefits in terms of:

  • using less bandwidth.
  • reducing reaction times.
  • requiring less power for transmission.
  • requiring less engineering effort in the packet and telemetry system design, etc. 

Commercialisation aspects:

Applications and Markets

The main applications for this invention are in robotics, industry monitoring such as in oil rigs industry or monitoring heavy machinery, energy and factories. It may also be used for telepresence applications, in unmanned vehicles, motor racing or communication systems monitoring.

Intellectual property status

Under patenting process and looking for licensing agreements or co-development agreements linked to a license in order to adapt this invention to any specific application.

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