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Structure of the SpW-b SystemC model
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SpaceWire-b CODEC - SystemC

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The SpaceWire-b (SpW-b) CODEC is a high speed serial transmitter/receiver compliant with the SpaceWire standard, as described in ECSS document ECSS-E-ST-50-12C.

This IP-Core consists of a SystemC model, described at transactional level, of such SpW-b CODEC. External ports are implemented according to the OSCI TLM 2.0 standard and use both Approximately- and Loosely-Timed Coding Styles (abbreviated as AT and LT respectively). Depending on the desired accuracy/speed tradeoff, the model can target either the exchange or the packet protocol levels as described in the ECSS standard.

Speed / Accuracy Results

  • Average speed-up with respect to the reference RTL model: > 300x for LT at packet level, > 80x for AT at exchange level
  • Average timing accuracy with respect to the reference RTL model: > 90% for LT at packet level, > 99% for AT at exchange level


Qualtek sprl, 2010

Current Release

version 0.1, December 2010


The IP-Core is distributed under the GPL license and no handling fee is applied. To get access to the core please submitt a request using the appropriate Request Form.

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