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The WIC (Wavelet Image Compression) is a synthesizable VHDL model based on the Ocapi Flexwave IP developed by IMEC.
The WIC IP Core supports both lossy and lossless compression modes.

The documentation for the WIC IP Core is included in the Flexwave Documentation Package (2.69MB zip archive) (IMEC, March 2002).
This documentation package is available for download from the menu on the right.

The top level diagram of the Flexwave-II IP is illustated in the following image.

Area/Speed Results

Top-level diagram of the Flexwave-II
Top-level diagram of the Flexwave-II

Please refer to the WIC Synthesis Results document for details.

Licensing restrictions

The license will be limited to developments that are funded by the European Space Agency.


IMEC, 2002

Current Release

version 1.0, 10-Aug-2004
Published by ESA based on the flexwave code delivered by IMEC in November 2002

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