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How can I register as an economic operator?

Economic operators wishing to do business with ESA not yet registered as potential tenderer, are requested to complete the online questionnaire on the ESA EMITS website under “Entity registration”. Further information on the registration process can be found at the INDUSTRY OUTLOOK pages. As of the completion of the questionnaire in INDUSTRY OUTLOOK, registered economic operators will have to update the questionnaire on an annual  basis.  

What is the GSTP Element 1 "Develop" Compendium?

The GSTP E1 "Develop" Compendium is a list of candidate activities to the GSTP E1 "Develop" Work Plan, pre-selected following the ESA End to End process, including programmatic screening and consistency checking with technology strategy and THAG Roadmaps. The objective of the Compendium is to provide industry and Delegations with a consolidated overview of the priorities for ESA in the development of technology within the GSTP Programme. 

How often does ESA issue  a Work Plan/Procurement Plan  in GSTP Element 1 "Develop"?

The initial GSTP Element 1 "Develop" Work Plan / Procurement Plan (WP/PP) was presented and approved by the IPC in December 2012. Updates of the GSTP E1 "Develop" WP/PP are typically issued and presented to the IPC for approval six times per year.

How are the activities selected for the update of the GSTP Element 1 "Develop" WP/PP  ?

The activities become part of the GSTP Element 1 "Develop" WP/PP, once Delegations of the GSTP Participating States express their interest in supporting the activities, in the GSTP Element 1 "Develop" Compendium. In addition, new activities may be considered for the GSTP Element 1 "Develop" WP/PP if they have a high priority.

How can I participate in an open GSTP Invitation to Tender (ITT)?

The Industry from the GSTP Participating States can participate in an open ITT only if confirmation of support from the National Delegation has been received by ESA.  In all open ITTs in EMITS (Invitation to Tender System)  it is indicated which Member States are eligible to bid.

Why was my proposal not retained for contract award?

A proposal might not be retained for contract award either because it is not compliant with the ITT requirements  or because it has not been selected after the ESA internal tender evaluation process.

Can we have co-funded activities in the frame of GSTP Element 1 "Develop"?

Co-funding can be applied to activities in Direct Negotiation, in the frame of GSTP Element 1 "Develop" upon agreement with the National Delegations (maximum 50% co-funding). 

Can I have access to the GSTP Work Plans?

The GSTP Work Plans are not publicly available. The industry can have access to them through their National Delegation. Intended ITTs are published in EMITS.

How can a company submit an idea in GSTP Element 2 "Make"?

The GSTP Announcement of Opportunity for market oriented activities (Ref. AO7935) is an open call for proposals. Therefore outline proposals can be submitted anytime to the GSTP Office via e-mail to: For more information you can contact the GSTP Office in +31 71 565 4111.

How can I register in EMITS and have access to the AO7935 ?

In order to have access to the GSTP Invitations to Tender (ITTs) each tenderer much register in EMITS. Information regarding the registration can be found here

Can an outline be submitted in the frame of GSTP Element 2 "Make" without a Letter of Support?

Outline Proposals submitted in the frame of GSTP Element 2 "Make" shall include a letter of support (confirmation of support from National delegations) . The letters of support from National delegations will cover amounts up to 50% or up to 75% (depending on the proposed co-funding scheme)  of the proposed activity budget . The evaluation process of an Outline Proposal shall not be initiated without a letter of support.

In GSTP Element 2 "Make" what is the difference between subcontractors and external service providers?

Subcontractors are responsible for some of the technology development tasks. Consequently, subcontractors shall participate in the co-funding of the activity and shall present their return of investment from the proposed development. If the subcontractor originates from a different country than the prime contrator, a letter of support is required.

External services cover services such as hire of facilities (e.g. testing facilities), computer services, manpower services (e.g. consultancy) etc. External service providers are expected to be based in the supporting country (ies). 

Can external  service providers originate from countries different than the prime contractor?

External service providers can originate from different European/non-European countries.  If a substantial amount of a proposed development is directed to a country different than the one(s) supporting  the activity, then it shall be justified and the National Delegation shall be informed.

What are the different sources of co-funding for GSTP Element 2 "Make" activities ?

The source of the company contribution shall be explicitly stated in the Tenderer’s proposal supported by relevant evidence (e.g. profit and loss statement).  The contribution shall not be allowed from Third Party public funds. The Tenderer shall not include his contribution in overheads included in rates charged to the Agency for the contract or any other contract with the Agency, or sub-contract awarded under an Agency contract.

Can a research institute lead a GSTP Element 2 "Make" activity or does it have to collaborate with industry?

A research institute can lead a GSTP Element 2 "Make" activity provided that commercial benefit and return of investment is presented . It must demonstrated that the activity is co-funded with private funds. 

We have an idea about in orbit demonstration /  We want to offer a flight opportunity in the frame of GSTP Element 3 "Fly", how can we submit our idea?

For proposals related to GSTP Element 3 "Fly" please contact the GSTP Office via e-mail to: For more information you can contact the GSTP Office in +31 71 565 4111.

We have submitted an idea in the frame of GSTP Element 3 "Fly" for in orbit demonstration and we would like to know who is responsible for the funding of the accommodation/launch opportunity

In general, the Member States that support the proposal will be responsible to fund the accommodation/launch costs. Case by case, synergies with planned missions can be arranged.

More information on GSTP Element 3 "Fly" can be found in the GSTP Element 3 "Fly" website.

For any further questions or remarks please contact or +31 71 565 4111.

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