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Earth from Space: the Living Beauty

A new way to travel around Earth.

You will agree that our planet is a fascinating place. Although we think we know it well, every day it teaches us that there is still a lot to discover. In our quest for knowledge, we have found something strange. We have learnt that we can understand Earth better by actually leaving it. Viewing our home from space gives us the advantage of seeing how Earth’s different processes are linked together. It also allows us to see the remotest corners of the planet at almost any time, enabling us to measure otherwise invisible parameters.

This iBook brings together a fascinating suite of images and discoveries made by satellites. They unfold in front of you with a simple touch of a finger. This is ESA’s first iBook. In a way, it is a consequence of what we are doing every day: employing modern technologies to acquire and spread knowledge.

By turning the virtual pages of this iBook you will discover how some of the latest technology has changed the way we see Earth. So, it was time to bring these ‘scientific voyages’ to you in a dynamic way. I believe that electronic media hold a huge potential, just like satellite technology. They help you to discover the scientific world of spaceflight.

I wish you a surprising and enlightening journey through this new iBook, and around our blue planet.

Volker Liebig
Director of ESA’s Earth observation programmes

Download instructions

To download Earth from Space: the living beauty, open this page through your iPad browser and click on Download.
Then follow the instructions on your iPad screen: click the button 'open with iBooks' (only once) and wait until the iBooks application opens. 
The download might take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection (approximately 5 minutes, 430 Mb).

ESA's iBook 'Earth from Space: the living beauty' is optimised for iPad 2 with iBooks 3.0.2 onwards.
It will be available soon on the iTunes store.

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