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Space for You: ESA’s Web Portal has evolved

For 12 years the Portal has been Europe’s online window on the Universe, spreading the word on ESA’s work exploring and making use of space on a daily basis. It has grown into an authoritative, indispensable channel for the news media and wider public to keep track of all Europe’s many and varied space activities.

Our new Portal aims to make our communication even more direct and immediate, with our latest top-level highlights made visible as soon as you visit the site, the design now optimised for visitors using the latest mobile devices as well as standard computers.

This site goes on sharing the very latest information on European Space Agency activities, but now with a streamlined design to highlight rich multimedia content like nothing on Earth. Not to mention another added ingredient: You.

Just as ESA as an organisation has opened up to the wider world, our new Portal is based around online openness and transparency. We offer you the chance to start joining in the space conversation, to help shape our future communications.

Now you can rank our articles, images, videos and publications to let us know directly what you find most informative and inspirational.

You can also share these simply and easily with your own online friends beyond the Portal. In addition you can find your way through ESA’s wealth of information simply by following what other visitors are looking at or searching for.

Why change now? A lot has happened in these last 12 years. ESA has expanded as an organisation, forging new partnerships and extending its presence deeper into space.

ESA Web Portal users shared the excitement of Europe’s first missions to Mars and Venus, ESA astronauts helping to build and run the International Space Station, the Envisat mission’s decade-long health check of planet Earth and the furthest landing ever by a man-made object on another planetary body – as ESA’s Huygens probe touched down on Saturn’s Titan moon.

At the same time the internet itself has evolved explosively: the global net population has swelled more than fivefold, and connectivity has extended from desk PCs with dial-up connections to always-on wireless broadband increasingly centred on mobile phones and other portable devices.

As one of the few agencies active in all sectors of space – with work going on within all its 20 Member States – ESA has a lot to share with everyone it can touch. More and more, space is becoming a central part of all our lives. So the new Portal offers more intuitive navigation and interaction opportunities to access the topics that mean most to you and give us feedback on your reactions.

So we look forward to hearing from you – read, watch and rank you favourite images, videos, articles and publications, and share them with your friends.

Welcome to your new ESA Web Portal.

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