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N° 1–2002: European space events for 2002

3 January 2002

During 2002 ESA will be involved in a series of international events worth the attention and the attendance of the media. These are the major ones that can already be pencilled in your diary.



16/01 - ESA's Director General Antonio Rodotà meets the press in Paris.

(18/12)-27/01 - "Art and Science fiction exhibition" at the Noordwijk Space Expo, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

22/01 - Edinburgh, Scotland: "Space calling", lecture by ESA astronaut Reinhold Ewald (with live link to the ISS, t.b.c.).


01-04/02 - Dublin, Ireland: "Opportunities 2002", career and education fair with ESA astronaut participation on 01/02.

04-09/02 - Vienna, Austria: Dream or Reality? Science/ Science Fiction exhibition at Donauzentrum, Vienna shopping mall.

21/02 t.b.c. - Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission 3B. Shuttle launch (STS-109) from KSC, Florida.

28.02- Launch of ESA's environmental satellite Envisat on Ariane 5 (V145/ A511) from Kourou, French Guiana.

t.b.c. - Opening of the Cologne Health Centre at ESA's European Astronauts Centre.

t.b.c. - Signature of Vega launcher development contract at ESA/Frascati (ESRIN), Italy.


18-22/03 - 32nd ESA Parabolic Flight campaign, from Bordeaux, France.

t.b.c. - ATV media day at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC), the Netherlands.

31-01/04 - National Dutch space days at Noordwijk Space Expo.

t.b.c. - Press day on the Rosetta spacecraft at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC)


02-06/04 - Physics on Stage 2: teachers conference at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC), the Netherlands.

04/04 t.b.c. - 13th ISS Assembly flight (8A). Shuttle launch (STS-110) from KSC, Florida.

15-20/04 - Hannover Fair, Hannover, Germany: ESA Technology Transfer stand.

t.b.c. - Envisat first image: press day at ESA/Frascati (ESRIN), Italy and in other locations.

27-02/05 - Soyuz taxi flight to the International Space Station with ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori on board.


02-13/05 - Shuttle flight (STS-111) to the International Space Station with French astronaut Philippe Perrin on board.

06-12/05 - ILA International Aerospace Exhibition and Conference, Berlin, Germany.


11-14/06 - ESA/NASA Spaceflight Safety Conference at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC), the Nehterlands.

18-21/06 - Rome, Italy: Global Disaster Information Network- annual conference.

27/06-13/07 - Shuttle flight (STS-107) to the ISS from KSC, Florida with ESA payload on board.


10-26/07 - Students parabolic flight campaign in Bordeaux, France.

t.b.c. - Ariane 5 Plus ESC-A launch from Kourou.

t.b.c. - Columbus trainer delivery to the ESA/European Astronaut Centre, Cologne. Press event.

22-28/07 - Farnborough air show.


01-12/08 - 15th ISS assembly flight (9A). Shuttle launch (STS-112) from KSC, Florida.

t.b.c. - Launch of MSG-1 (Meteosat Second Generation) on Ariane 4 or 5 (t.b.d.) from Kourou, French Guiana.


06-16/09 - 16th ISS assembly flight. Shuttle flight (STS-113) from KSC, Florida.

02-11/09 - Earth Summit 2002, Congress and exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa.

t.b.d. - Inauguration of ESA's Deep Space Ground Station, New Norcia, Australia.

t.b.d. - SMART-1 international press day at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC), the Netherlands.


04-10/10 - World Space Week. Web marathon at ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC) for schools, with space specialists from around the world.

10-19/10 - World Space Congress in Houston, Texas.

t.b.c. - Launch of Integral on Proton launcher from Baikonur.

t.b.c. - 33rd ESA parabolic flight campaign from Bordeaux, France. 23-26/10 - New SITEF Congress and exhibition in Toulouse, France


04-14/11 - Soyuz taxi flight to the International Space Station with ESA astronaut Frank De Winne on board

19-21/11 - CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) plenary meeting at ESA/Frascati (ESRIN), Italy.

t.b.c. - Netdays Europe. Youth-oriented events via the Web in co-operation with the European Union.


t.b.c. - Ariane 5 Vinci engine test firing.

t.b.c. - Launch of SMART-1 on Ariane 5 from Kourou, French Guiana

Dates of certain events, especially those of launches, depend on various factors such as readiness of the spacecraft and/or launcher, and thus remain to be confirmed (t.b.c.) for some time. All Ariane launch dates, for instance, are provisional; definite dates will be confirmed by Arianespace.

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