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N° 52–1993: Meteosat-6 : Acceptance-testing continues

10 December 1993

Following a successful launch on Ariane Flight 61 on 20 November last (see ESA Press Release Nr 46-93), the Meteosat-6 satellite acquired its first images in the visible channel and then, once the radiometer had cooled down, was able to begin the acquisition of images in the infrared and water-vapour channels.

During quality analysis of the latter images, the operations control team detected an anomaly in the functioning of the radiometer. The reasons for the anomaly are now being investigated by experts from ESA and the firms involved.

In-orbit acceptance testing is nevertheless continuing in accordance with the original schedule (see ESA Press Release Nr 47-93) and should result in the transfer of ownership of the satellite from ESA to Eumetsat by the end of February 1994.