Science programme during the DELTA Mission

The following is an overview of the scientific experiments that ESA astronaut André Kuipers will conduct during his stay on board the International Space Station.

Physiology experiments

  • CIRCA - 24-hour pattern of blood pressure and heart rate in weightlessness
  • HEART - Physiological parameters that predict orthostatic intolerance after spaceflight
  • MOP - Motion Perception: Vestibular adaptation to G-transitions
  • MUSCLE - Study of lower back pain in astronauts during spaceflight
  • ETD - Measurement by Eye Tracking Device in orientation of the Listing’s plane

Biology experiments

  • ACTIN - The role of weightlessness on actin metabolism in mammalian cells
  • FLOW - Bone cell mechanosensitivity in weightlessness
  • ICE-first - First International C.elegans Experiment : Physiological and genomic study of a nematode worm in space
  • KAPPA - The influence of weightlessness on the activation of the NF-êB protein
  • TUBUL - Influence of gravity on the cytoskeleton and the determination of the division plane in plants


  • SAMPLE - Study of the composition, physiology and possible adaptation of microbial communities exposed to weightlessness

Physical science experiments

  • ARGES - Determination of de-mixing and instabilities in metal halide lamps in weightlessness

Earth observation

  • LSO - Lightning and Sprite Observation

Technology demonstrations

  • HEAT - Heat transfer performance of a grooved heat pipe
  • MOT - Mouse Telemeter: Calibration of “STAR accelerometers”
  • SUIT - Tactile display aided orientation awareness

Educational projects

  • ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
  • BugNRG - Study of output of bacterial fuel cells in weightlessness
  • GraPhoBox - Study into interaction of effect of light and gravity on the growth processes of plants
  • SEEDS - "Seeds in Space"
  • VIDEO-3 - Educational demonstration of human physiology

Last update: 16 February 2004

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