FLPP organisation

Fourteen ESA Member States are participating to FLPP.

At this stage, technology activities build on the experience of the European launcher industry, in particular exisiting launch system prime contractors.

ESA manages these activities and places contracts with technology providers for the development of demonstrators.

A frame contract was signed with Astrium-ST in June 2010, allowing the Agency to take its first step in:

  • System concepts studies
  • Technology development
  • Support in launcher stage and system development

A similar contract will be signed with ELV SpA.

The Joint Propulsion Team (JPT), a consortium comprising EADS-Astrium ST GmbH, AVIO SpA and SNECMA, is responsible, with their sub-contractors, for technologies and the development of SCORE-D.

Technical support

FLPP benefits from the technical support of ESA’s Quality and Technical Directorate (TEC), ASI, CNES and DLR.

Last update: 21 June 2011

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