Sentinel Ambassadors

Sentinel family
5 October 2017

ESA’s Earth Observation Directorate is sending experts to European universities to provide lectures on the Copernicus Space Component in an effort to encourage students to become part of the new era of space activities.

The ‘Sentinel Ambassadors’ are recruited from ESA’s Copernicus managers, and are ready to return to their alma maters for that purpose.

The activity will not only focus on the ambitious environment-monitoring Copernicus programme, emphasis will also be given to the fleet of Sentinel satellites and the data they provide to help manage the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security.

First lecture in Rome

Students will have the opportunity to learn, first-hand, what it takes to make a career at ESA, as well as learn about various outreach activities such as the Copernicus Masters competition and the Space App Camps held at ESA’s site in Frascati, Italy.

The initiative kicked off today with a lecture at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. 

Introducing Copernicus

If you are interested in hosting an ESA lecture, please kindly contact Paola Berretta ( for more information.

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