New sites for the very young and the not so young

Launchers Kid's Corner
14 June 2001

Launcher’s new website is now up and running. Just one of its new features is an animated site especially designed for the very young.

This site, which can be accessed from Kids' corner under Special Events, gives simple information about what a launcher is for and includes a fun quiz. All the information is presented in a way that will appeal to children while improving their knowledge of space and launches. At present, the new children’s animation is only available in French but before too long it will be translated into other European languages.

The French publisher "play-bac" in cooperation with ESA, designed this site for the Le Bourget Air Show. In parallel, a special edition of the children’s magazine “Mon Petit Quotidien” will be distributed on Friday 15 June to more than 70 000 children in France. ESA’s Launchers Programme now plans to undertake similar initiatives to coincide with events concerning space in other European countries.

For the rather more serious minded, Launchers has yet another special animation on its new site: the Catalogue of Ariane Ground Facilities in Europe and French Guiana. This provides information on the countries and industries involved in making the different elements of the Ariane-5 launcher, and also shows the launch campaign, ground monitoring, and of course, liftoff.

The catalogue, which was issued in CD format at the beginning of this year, can now be accessed under special events in the section on Europe and launchers.

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