University uses satellite applications for distance learning

Distance learning
5 December 2000

Following successful trials of distance learning for students, based on the MODUS Telematic University application, the University of Lecce, Italy, has decided to offer a three-year degree course in Educational Science.

The course will be taught through distance learning using the MODUS technology and commences in the academic year 2000-2001.

During the trials, held at the Faculty of Educational Science at the University of Lecce, lectures were broadcast from Alenia Spazio's service centre in Rome. More courses are set to follow in the future, the target being to gradually extend the operation to all the degree courses currently offered by the University.

MODUS is an ESA ARTES 3 project aimed at demonstrating the economic viability of providing tele-learning services based on both a broadband satellite network (forward path) and a narrow-band terrestrial network (return path).

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