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The Gräzel Cell
Renewable Energy - The Gräzel Cell
Subject Biology, physics, chemistry
Level Upper secondary
Language English
Type Experiement

Teaching about sustainable development implies teaching about energy saving and renewable energy. Our school has invested a lot on this subject setting up a suitable laboratory. In this laboratory one of the pieces of equipment is the Cell of Grätzel, vanguard in this field.

The Cell, known as a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, transforms solar energy into electric energy by reproducing the photosynthesis. It uses organic pigments extracted from raspberries, blueberries or lemon leaves in order to absorb light and create a couple of electron-holes, a nanoporous shell of TiO2, with a large surface that acts as a conductor of electrons and on electrolyte as a conductor of holes. Its structural simplicity is amazing. Based on this reason we planned an educational programme of sciences which involved physics, biology and chemistry in the building of the Cell. This project has required a lot of work to find documentation and optimise the results in order to operate a small calculator or a electric engine. The active research continues with the students and also with the Project of Science Degrees.  
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NameGioacchina Giambelluca
Last update: 30 July 2007


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