What’s the ECSL – Latin America & Caribbean States mini site?
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Space Activities of Latin America and Caribbean States
HistorySpace law pioneersInstitutionsEnterprises
The outer space law in Latin America and Caribbean States
Main institutionsThe relationship with UN
The Americas space conference
Short historyReports -Conferencia Espacial de las AméricasV Conferencia Espacial de las Américas
Space calendar
FIDAEEducation directoryMeetings calendarReports & Publications
Bibliografía general
Derecho del Espacio Ultraterrestre - Artículos recomendadosReferencias bibliográficas de interésEditoriales
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This is an experimental site under the management of ECSL. As such, for the moment it does not come under the umbrella of sites that follow the standards of ESA’s Communications Department.
Last update: 26 July 2006

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