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The European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) was set up in 1989 with the objective of strengthening and promoting outer space law, coordinating concrete proposals and providing a supportive environment for the conduct of good, practically-oriented research at European level

On the strength of 17th years of experience and success with achieving one of the main purposes described in its Charter , ECSL is now aiming to share its experience by bringing together different cultures and concepts and promoting better understanding of space law and policy and global dialogue with other institutions. That is the starting point of a new initiative.
The mini-site will be structured in the same way as the ECSL legal site. It will have three “columns” as follows: (1) General information on the “national point of contact” , national space activities, institutions, space law education opportunities, calendar of activities, important industrial firms, and historical overview of the space sector. etc (2) “Local” news of interest to all the countries taking part in the mini-site (partners) and to the rest of the world. (3) Space law (public and private): National laws & regulations, decrees, directives. Bilateral and multilateral agreements. The Status of UNCOPUOS Treaties, the relationship with COPUOS. Papers and contributions on selected space law and policy topics (at academic level, proceedings, bibliography, etc).  
The virtual network
The mini-site constitutes the backbone of the full virtual network project, an information holder for the documents and links provided by the parties working on the project

The mini-site, in view of its importance will be officially presented on the occasion of the V Space Conference of the Americas, Quito, Ecuador, July 2006 The subsequent phases will be based mainly on interactivity, mutual cooperation and the constant exchange of information, knowledge and experiences… to sum up, a “virtual world” where the constant flow of information and knowledge on space law and policy will become reality.

The virtual network on space law constitutes a positive answer to very rapid technical evolution and an example of solidarity and mutual understanding between States wishing to bring space closer to humankind by means of international cooperation.
Last update: 8 May 2006


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