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Telemedicine Alliance
Satellites, televisions, radios, mobile phone and computers are now being used to improve health services and to make the best use of valuable medical services.

ESA, WHO, ITU and the Information Society Technologies programme of the European Commission, has been working together within the Telemedicine Alliance to smooth the way for the expansion of telemedicine, and its benefits, to all of Europe's citizens.

TMA-Bridge Closure
3 October 2005  
The Telemedicine Alliance has now successfully finished its second phase called TMA-Bridge - A Bridge Towards Coordinated eHealth Implementation in Europe - focusing on eHealth interoperability and mobility aspects of European citizens, and delivered a set relevant reports and recommendations to the European Commission.

TMA-Bridge Holds Workshop “Towards Interoperable eHealth for Europe: Strategic plan for trans-national health services” at WHO-E
5 July 2005  
TMA-Bridge team held a workshop: “Towards Interoperable eHealth for Europe: Strategic plan for trans-national health services on eHealth interoperability strategy” on the 20-21 June 2005.

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