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Watch LISA Pathfinder launch and media briefing

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There are two webcasts providing in-depth coverage of LISA Pathfinder on 3 December.

First, coverage of our LISA Pathfinder launch starts at 03:44 GMT (04:44 CET) with commentary from experts at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou.

A second webcast will provide coverage of the media briefing at ESA’s ESOC spacecraft operations centre, Darmstadt, Germany, with project managers, scientists and mission control experts. This will start at 05:30 GMT (06:30 CET).

The media briefing will begin while Vega is still in flight, just prior to separation and the critical first receipt of signals from LISA Pathfinder, expected around 05:51 GMT (06:51 CET). 

LISA Pathfinder launch



Media briefing from ESOC



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