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Mind's Eye

Mind’s Eye in Brighton

18/09/2014 444 views 8 likes
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ESA is featuring in an ambitious outdoor audiovisual art installation called Mind’s Eye taking place in the Brighton Digital Festival. The installation brings together art and science, allowing the audience an opportunity to explore and understand the Solar System through the voices of those most familiar with it

Mind’s Eye, the first event in the Shrinking Space series, is a free audio tour of the Solar System which transforms Brighton’s Circus Street Market into the Solar System through the ‘Mind’s Eye’ of scientists and engineers. The audiovisual installation enables visitors to take a trip through the Solar System guided by astrophysicists and engineers including ESA scientists Hakan Svedhem and Gerhard Schwehm, as well as ESA astronaut Gerhard Thiele.

The Little Atoms Radio Show supported the installation by interviewing the scientists. These interviews can be heard on the show’s special editions being broadcast on 24 September and 1 October.

Mind’s Eye will run 13–28 September as part of the Brighton Digital Festival and entrance is free.

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