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Workshop on Fault Injection & Fault Tolerance in space FPGAs
The first edition of the Workshop on Fault-Injection and Fault Tolerance of Reprogrammable FPGAs took place in ESTEC on September 11th 2009. The workshop was a first get-together of FPGA designers, groups that have developed and used these FI/FT tools, and FPGA vendors.

Please click on the titles to open/download the presentations.

  • Welcome presentation (including abstracts of all the presentations) (pdf)
    Presenter: David Merodio Codinachs (TEC-EDM, ESTEC/ESA)

  • Reprogrammable FPGAs at Astrium (ppt)
    Authors: Tim Pike, Chris Topping (EADS Astrium)

  • SIRF program overview
    Part 1: Virtex®-5QV - Introducing Xilinx’s Next-Gen Space Product (ppt)
    Part 2: TMR in Virtex-4 and RHBD in Virtex-5 (ppt) (ppt)
    Author: Gary Swift (Xilinx)
    Please contact Xilinx directly for more information on these technologies.

  • A Comparison of Xilinx SRAM Based Configuration Scrubbing Methodologies (ppt)
    Author: Melanie Berg (NASA Goddard)

  • ATF280 SRAM based RHBD FPGA: Description and SEE test results (ppt)
    Author: Bernard Bancelin (Atmel)

  • CNES feedback on the ATF280E FPGA and Space FPGA Designer (ppt)
    Authors: Jean Bertrand, Pierre Gasnier (CNES)

  • Analysis of SCU and MCU effects in SRAM-based FPGAs (ppt)
    Author: Massimo Violante (Politecnico di Torino)

  • Mitigation of SCU and MCU effects on SRAM-based FPGAs: placement and routing solutions (ppt)
    Author: Luca Sterpone (Politecnico di Torino)

  • FLIPPER (ppt)
    Authors: Monica Alderighi, Fabio Casini (INAF)

  • FT-UNSHADES (ppt)
    Author: Miguel A. Aguirre (University of Seville)

  • Xilinx Fault Injection Board (ppt)
    Author: Gary Swift (Xilinx)

  • An approach to system-wide fault tolerance for FPGAs (ppt)
    Author: Jano Gebelein (University of Heidelberg)

  • TMR Schemes (ppt)
    Author: Melanie Berg (NASA Goddard)

  • New capabilities for fault tolerance in FPGA Synthesis (ppt)
    Authors: Dennis Vander Sluis, Darren Zacher, Kamesh Ramani (Mentor Graphics)  
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