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Avionics Data Handling
Architectures of Onboard Data SystemsDependability
Onboard Computers and related modules
Onboard ComputersOnboard StorageRemote Terminal UnitsTelemetry & Telecommand
Building Blocks
MicroprocessorsMicrocontrollersIP CoresSystems on Chip (SoC)Protection of ElectronicsSensing, I/O and instrumentationSecurityOther processing units
Onboard Communication and Interfaces
Overview CommunicationsMil-STD-1553CAN - Controller Area Network BusSpaceWireDiscrete InterfacesI2CSPI - Serial Peripheral InterconnectDigital Sensor BusWireless network technologiesTime-Triggered EthernetCommunication ProtocolsOther Communication Systems
Testing and Benchmarking
RASTA - The Avionics TestbenchMIL-STD-1553 TestbenchSSIART - Smart Sensor Inter-Agencies Reference TestbenchVenus Express Mock-up
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Overview of the Workshops and conferences

Final Presentation Days of the Data Handling Division
When: 16-17 April 2012
Where: ESTEC
Details: This bi-annual event gathers all final presentation of completed/completing activities ran by the TEC-ED division in a compact format. The Industry is welcome to attend to this activity but participants have to register in advance. Also note that it is a joint event with the Software Division of ESTEC.

Wireless4Space2012: ESA/NASA/CSA joint Symposium on Wireless Technologies for Space Applications
When: 19-21 September 2012
Where: Canadian Space Agency, Montreal
Details: The fourth edition of the very successful international conferences on wireless technologies for space applications will take place in Montreal in collaboration with NASA and the CSA. Visit the link:

ADCSS2012: ESA Workshop on Avionics Data, Control and Software Systems
When: Fall 2012
Where: ESTEC, The Netherlands
Details: Visit the link of the previous conference:

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