MIL-STD-1553 Testbench

The Mil-1553 test-bed
The Mil-1553 test-bed
The Mil-1553 test-bed in the Avionics Lab provides a facility for prototyping, simulation and verification of on-board bus protocols and services. The complete system includes hardware and software components: various processor boards (PC, ERC32, Leon), I/O boards, harness and software tools. All the layers of the protocols are covered, from the physical layer to the application layer.
Current capabilities:
  • Record the Bus traffic and check for the CS, ME and correctness of CW DW SW response time and inter-message gap.
  • Post analysis of the bus traffic.
  • Complete set of harness which enables to emulate various configuration of the bus network. Possibility of discontinuities injection in the physical data bus.
  • Prototyping at the level of ECSS-50-13C for PC and Leon board.
  • Measure of signal margins (amplitude, rise and fall time, zero crossing etc...)
  • Measure of noise impact, measure of BER
  • Error Injection (Parity, Manchester, Bit and Word Count etc...)
  • Any Instrument or a representative unit like bread board or Engineering Model can swap any simulated RT for testing in representative bus traffic.

Activities performed:
  • Herschel/Planck Transfer Layer Protocol
    • Prototype, simulate and verify the Satellite Data Bus Protocol (SDBP)
    • Perform on-board equipment (units) I/F compatibility verification at SDBP level
    • Check the requirements by detecting possible:
      • Conflict between requirements
      • Wrong and/or ambiguous requirements
      • Missing requirements
  • ECSS-E-50-13 Prototyping
  • VEGA Physical Layer
    • Impact of nominal I/F activity on redundant I/F (noise)
  • ERA project
    • Measure of the signal integrity & electrical characteristics for the MMI EGSE Mil-1553 I/F. Check bus traffic for CS and ME.

    Last update: 4 April 2012