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Space Gallery Competition: Protecting our Planet

Satellites are hard at work around our planet, studying it day and night to help us understand more about climate change, floods, earthquakes and other disasters provoked by humans. They are also working hard at protecting Earth, and guiding decision makers to make choices that will safeguard our planet.

While these satellites are observing our Earth, what are YOU doing to protect it? Let us know, with a drawing, a painting, a model or a mobile, what you are doing in your daily life to protect your planet.

This month's competition: Protecting our planet
Entries to reach us before 30 April 2014

The best entries will be selected to go into the Space Gallery, and the overall winner will receive a special prize from the European Space Agency. Check out the ESA Kids website regularly to see who our monthly winners are!  
Email entries to:
or send to: ESA Kids, c/o Ms. Karina De Castris, ESA-ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, C.P. 64 I-00044 Frascati, Italy.

Please note: artwork cannot be returned. Due to the large number of entries we receive each month, we do not send letters to participants acknowledging receipt. Only the winners are contacted by ESA. Maximum age limit for competition entries is 12.

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