European Space Agency

ANNEX 4 Acronyms

AAT           Anglo-Australian Telescope
AC            Acoustic Sensor (SESAME on Rosetta)
AFM           Atomic Force Microscope
AGB           Asymptotic Giant Branch
AGN           Active Galactic Nuclei
AGU           American Geophysical Union
AO            Announcement of Opportunity
ASI           Italian Space Agency
ASIC          Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASPOC         Ion emitter experiment (Cluster)
ATLAS         Atmospheric Laboratory for Application and Science
AU            Astronomical Unit
AURA          Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
BLR           Broad Line Region
CASSINI       Joint NASA/ESA Planetary Mission to explore Saturnian System
CCD           Charge Coupled Device
CDS           Coronal Diagnostics Spectrometer (SOHO)
CEPHAG        Centre d'Etude des Phenomenes Aleatoires et Geophysiques France
CERN          Centre Européen de Recherches Nucléaires
CESR          Centre d'Etude Spatial des Rayonnements
CFHT          Canadian-French-Hawiian Telescope
CGRO          Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (NASA satellite)
CIR           Co-rotating Interaction Region
CMB           Cosmic Microwave Background
CME           Coronal Mass Ejection
CNES          Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
CNR           Consiglio Nazionale della Ricercha (Italy)
COMPTEL       Compton Telescope (CGRO)
CONSERT       The Comet Nucleus Sounding Experiment (Rosetta)
COPUOS        Committee for the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (United Nations)
COSPAR        Committee on Space Research
COSPIN        Cosmic Ray & Solar Charged Particles Investigation (Ulysses)
COSTAR        Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement (HST)
COSTEP        Comprehensive Measurements of the Supra-Thermal and
              Energetic Particles Populations (SOHO)
CP            Charge Parity CSDS Cluster Science Data System
CUI           CSDS User Interface
D/SCI         Directorate of Scientific Programme (ESA)
DARA          Deutsche Agentur für Raumfahrt-angelegenheiten
DESPA         Observatoire de Paris, Departement d'Espace
DFH           Low Energy Proton Experiment (ISEE-3/ICE)
DIB           Diffuse Interstellar Band
DISR          Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (Huygens)
DLR           Deutsche Forschungs-und Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt
DPU           Data Processing Unit
DSP           Digital Signal Processor
DSN           Deep Space Network
ECF           European Coordinating Facility
EFOSC         ESO Faint Object Spectrograph & Camera
EFW           Electic Field and Wave experiment (Cluster)
EGS           European Geophysical Society
ELISMA        Plasma & Wave Experiment (Mars-96)
ELSPEX        European Lunar South Pole Expedition
EM            Electrical Model, Engineering Model
EOF           Experiment Operations Facility (SOHO)
EP            Equivalence Principle
EPIC          European Photon Imaging Camera
ERNE          Energetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron experiment (SOHO)
ESA           European Space Agency
ESLAB         European Space Laboratory (former name of SSD)
ESO           European Southern Observatory
ESOC          European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt (Germany)
ESRIN         ESA's Documentation and Information Centre (Italy)
ESTEC         European Space Research and Technology Centre, Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
EUV           Extreme Ultra-Violet EXOSAT European X-ray Observatory Satellite
FAST          Fundamental Astronomy by Space Techniques (Hipparcos)
FEEP          Field Emission Electric Propulsion
FES           Fine Error Sensor
FIRST         Far-Infrared and Sub-millimetre Space Telescope
FM            Flight Model
FOC           Faint Object Camera (HST)
FOV           Field of View
FPAG          Fundamental Physics Advisory Group
FSC           FIRST Science Centre
FWHM          Full Width at Half Maximum
GAIA          Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics
GEM           Giotto Extended Mission
GG            Galileo Galilei
GGS           Global Geospace Science
GHRS          Goddard High Resolution Spectrometer (HST)
GINGA         Japanese X-Ray Satellite
GMT           Greenwich Mean Time
GORID         Geostationary Orbit Impact Detector
GPS           Global Positioning System
GRB           Gamma Ray Burst
GRO           Gamma Ray Observatory (see CGRO)
GSFC          Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
GSTP          General Support Technology Programme (ESA)
HASI          Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (Huygens)
HCS           Heliospheric Current Sheet
HEMT          High Electron Mobility Transistor
HPOC          Huygens Probe Operations Centre
HRI           High Resolution Imager (Einstein)
HRTS          High Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph
HST           Hubble Space Telescope
IACG          Inter-Agency Consultative Group for Space Science
IAEA          International Atomic Energy Agency
IAS           Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Orsay (France)
IAU           International Astronomical Union
ICC           Instrument Control Centre
IDT           Investigation Definition Team
IFSI          Istituto Fisica Spazio Interplanetario (Italy)
IFTS          Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
IGPP          Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
IKI           Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science
IMEWG         International Mars Exploration Working Group
INT           Isaac Newton Telescope
INTA          Instituto Nacional de Tècnica Aerospacial (Spain)
Intermarsnet  International Mars Network (ESA/NASA Study)
IPAC          Infrared Processing Analysis Centre IR Infrared
IRAF          Image Reduction & Analysis Facility
IRAS          Infrared Astronomy Satellite
IRIS          International Research of the Interior of the Sun
IRMB          Institut Royal Météorologique de Belgique
ISAS          Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (Japan)
ISDC          INTEGRAL Science Data Centre
ISEE          International Sun-Earth Explorer
ISM           Interstellar Medium
ISO           Infrared Space Observatory
ISOC          INTEGRAL Science Operations Centre
ISSI          International Space Science Institute, Bern (Switzerland)
IST           ISO Science Team
ISTP          International Solar-Terrestrial Physics
IUE           International Ultraviolet Explorer
IUEFA         IUE Final Archive
IWG           Implementation Working Group (Cluster)
JCMT          James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
JOP           Joint Observing Programme (SOHO)
JPL           Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)
JSOC          Joint Science Operations Centre (Cluster)
KSC           Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
LAP           Langmuir Probe (Rosetta)
LBV           Luminous Blue Variable
LDEF          Long Duration Exposure Facility
LECS          Low Energy Concentrator Spectrometer (SAX)
LEDA          Lunar European Demonstration Approach
LEGSPC        Low Energy Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter
LET           Low Energy Telescope (Ulysses)
LFCTR         Laboratorio di Fisica Cosmica e Techologie Relative del CNR (Italy)
LISA          Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
LMC           Large Magellanic Cloud
LMXRB         Low Mass X-ray Binary
LOI           Luminosity Oscillation Imager (SOHO)
LOWL          Ground-based instrument for observing solar low p-modes,
              High Altitude Observatory, USA
LPSP          Laboratoire de Physique Stellaire et Planétaire (France)
LTE           Local Thermal Equilibrium
LWP           Long Wavelength Prime Camera (IUE)
MCP           Microchannel Plate detector
MDC           Mars Dust Counter
MDI           Michelson Doppler Imager (SOHO)
MHD           Magnetohydrodynamics
MIDAS         Micro-Imaging Data Analysing System (Rosetta)
MIP           Mutual Impedance Probe (Rosetta)
MMS           Matra Marconi Space
MOC           Mission Operations Centre
MORO          Moon Orbiting Observatory
MOS-CCD       Metal Oxide Semiconductor - Charge Coupled Device
MPAE          Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie
MPE           Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik
MPI           Max-Planck-Institut (Germany)
MPK           Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik
MSC           Mass Spin Coupling experiment (STEP)
MUSICOS       Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy
NAC           Narrow Angle Camera (OSIRIS)
NASA          National Aeronautics & Space Administration (USA)
NDAC          Northern Data Analysis Consortium (Hipparcos)
NGST          Next Generation Space Telescope
NICMOS        Near-Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (HST)
NLR           Narrow Line Region
NOAA          National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (USA)
NOT           Nordic Optical Telescope
NRAO          National Radio Astronomy Observatory (USA)
NSI           NASA Science Internet
NSSDC         National Space Science Data Center (at GSFC, USA)
OM            Optical Monitor
OSIRIS        Optical and Spectroscopic Remote Imaging System (Rosetta)
OTAC          Observing Time Allocation Committee (ISO)
PAH           Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon pc parsec
PCD           Photon Counting Detector
PDEC          Proposal Data Entry Centre (ISO)
PDS           Planetary Data System
PESA          Proton Electrostatic Analyser (Wind)
PI            Principal Investigator
PLM           Payload Module
PMOD          World Radiation Center/Physikalisch Metorologisches
PMOG          Radiometer developed by PMOD
PP            Permittivity Probe (SESAME on Rosetta)
ppm           parts per million
PR            Public Relations
PROM          Programmable Read-Only Memory
PS            Project Scientist
PSF           Point Spread Function
PSG           Project Science Group (Cassini)
PWA           Permitivity, Waves and Altimetry (part of HASI on Huygens)
PWS           Plasma Wave System (on Probos)
QM            Qualification Model
QPO           Quasi Periodic Oscillations
QSO           Quasi Stellar Object
R&D           Research and Development
RAL           Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)
RETE          Research on Electric-dynamic Tether Effects (Tethered Satellite System)
RE            Earth radius
RS            Saturn radius
RF            Radio Frequency
RMOC          Rosetta Mission Operations Centre
RPC           Rosetta Plasma Consortium
RSOC          Rosetta Science Operations Centre
RTG           Radioisotope Thermal Generator
SAO           Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (USA)
SAR           Synthetic Aperture Radar
SAS           Small Astronomy Satellite (NASA)
SASC          Science Analysis Support Centre
SAX           Satellite per Astronomia in raggi X (Italy/The Netherlands)
SciSIM        Science Simulator SDS System Definition Study
SED           Spectral Energy Distribution
SERC          Science & Engineering Council (UK)
SESAME        Surface Electric, Seismic and Acoustic Monitoring Experiment (Rosetta)
SGS           Science Ground Segment
SHF           Short-term History File
SIS           Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor
SN            Supernova
SNR           Supernova Remnant
SOC           Science Operations Centre
SOHO          Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (ESA satellite)
SOLCON        Solar Constant Experiment (on ATLAS and Hitchhiker)
SOT           Science Operations Team
SPC           Science Programme Committee (ESA)
SPM           Sun-Photometer (on VIRGO)
SQUID         Superconducting Quantum Interference Device
SS            Study Scientist
SSAC          Space Science Advisory Committee (ESA)
SSD           Space Science Department (ESA)
SSP           Surface Science Package (Huygens and Rosetta)
SSWG          Solar System Working Group
ST            Science Team
STARS         Seismic Telescope for Astrophysical Research from Space
ST-ECF        Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility
STEP          Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle
STIS          Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
STJ           Superconducting Tunnel Junction
STPM          Structural, Thermal and Pyro Model (Huygens)
STS           Space Transportation System
STScI         Space Telescope Science Institute
STSP          Solar Terrestrial Science Programme
SWP           Short Wavelength Prime Camera (IUE)
SWT           Science Working Team
SXT           Soft X-ray Telescope (Yohkoh)
SZ            Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
ToO           Target of Opportunity
TRP           Technology Research Programme (ESA)
TSS           Tethered Satellite System
UCB           University of California Berkeley
UCLA          University of California Los Angeles
UH            Ultra-heavy (cosmic ray nuclei)
ULDA          Uniform Low Dispersion Archive (IUE)
URSI          Union Radio Scientifique Internationale
USSP          User Support Software Package (IUE)
UV            Ultra-Violet
UVCS          Ultra-Violet Coronal Spectrometer (SOHO)
VILSPA        Villafranca Satellite Tracking Station
VIRGO         Variability of Irradiance and Gravity Oscillations (SOHO)
VLA           Very Large Array
VLBI          Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VTT           Vacuum Tower Telescope
WAC           Wide Angle Camera (OSIRIS on Rosetta)
WEC           Wave Experiment Consortium (Cluster)
WWW           World Wide Web
XMM           X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (Cornerstone)
ZAMS          Zero Age Main Sequence

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